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We Are 100% Carbon Neutral!

We've offset our carbon footprint via our: HQ electricity, gas and water usage, staff travel, staff commuting, paper usage and IT setup.

What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

The more a business can do to reduce its carbon footprint the better for the planet! There will, however, always be a point where you’ve done all you can and you’re still leaving a mark. This is where more and more businesses are choosing to offset their remaining carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits.

One carbon credit covers the cost of reducing the world’s CO2 emissions by 1 tonne, by investing in projects such as renewable energy generation or deforestation programmes. Your energy consumption still happens, and the CO2 is still emitted, but elsewhere in the world an action is taken to offset it.

Reducing carbon footprint wherever possible is best, but offsetting is a great place to start if a business is looking to do its bit. Blizzard can offer you and your customers the ability to offset both your business and personal carbon usage!


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