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Increase your billing revenue while helping
customers attract more business

Web Listings enables your customers to take control of their business listings with the click of a single button, all while helping you grow your billing revenue. 

With 50+ supported platforms, Web Listings allows your customers to instantly update their online business information with just one click - from Google and Apple Maps, to Uber, Facebook and Yell.

"50% of local searches result in a visit within 24 hours"


Web Listings is the perfect addition to your business service portfolio for the below reasons:

Attractive Price Point

Web Listings sits well within the budget of smaller independent businesses as well as multi-national conglomerates.

Easy-to-use Platform

Web Listings comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for complicated learning curves for both end-users and reseller partners.

Ease of Deployment

Web Listings is designed with bulk onboarding in mind. We'll onboard your customers with our 5-step deployment plan and grow your revenue in 4 weeks.

End-to-end Management

We manage all back-end processes from onboarding your customers to the platform to providing them with ongoing support.

Here's Why Your Customers Need Web Listings

With a 900% increase of local searches for businesses over the past two years and 45% of all Google searches being for location based information, it has become crucial for businesses to optimise their online presence for local searches.

Until now, the technology that enables the seamless update of information be it opening times, details of accepted payment methods, or contact information have only been available to larger businesses with deep pockets.


Improve (SEO) online findability
Complete and consistent listings will result in a higher ranking on Google Maps and many other platforms.

Save time and hassle
With just one click, update all business information such as phone number, opening times and categories on many different online directories.

More new customers
Improved online findability and higher search rankings will increase the number of new customers that will find and choose a business, go to an office, call or visit a website. 

Happier guests
We automatically create a Google My Business account. Easily add or edit keywords, pictures and set the pin right on the map.

Customer Benefits

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