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manage customer interactions across all
media channels with a single platform

We offer a true Omni-channel contact centre solution to accomodate the needs of your customers. The modular design allows you to match the right features to the right user, to provide exceptional customer experience.

What is Omni-Channel? 

Managing customer interactions across all media channels within a single platform is described as omni-channel and is the most effective way of managing customer contact. This compares with the older style of customer management where all communication media are in different places/ on different systems, with no central reporting platform, these are known as multi-channel platforms.  

The Blizzard Omni-Channel solution accommodates requirements for:

  • Inbound preferences with intelligent routing, including priority and skills capability

  • Outbound campaigns that can be automated

  • Email communication that can be blended to agents who also handle calls. Automatic responses to provide consistent customer experience, queue management and reporting for the whole customer interaction

  • Web chat: built into a suitable style to match the existing website and with the ability to escalate to call or video call for a speedy response

  • SMS: allowing customers to communicate from their native mobile in real time

  • Social Media: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp Business and Microsoft Teams. All can be integrated and blended to the agents with full reporting on the customer interaction

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