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Push forward, don't lay back!

BT have announced that the deadline to overhaul traditional telephony services, known as the 'switch off,' has been extended to 31st January 2027. What is the Switch Off?

A nationwide task to modernise the UK's telecommunications infrastructure. This will ensure that all businesses will move away from traditional communication solutions to internet-based IP systems, with BT cutting off all access to traditional PSTN services. What does this mean for you?


The necessity to upgrade customers is inevitable. We offer a wide portfolio of products designed to facilitate this transition, so you can help your business customers modernise their communications.

How can Blizzard help?

✔️ Designated account manager to discuss available alternatives, and to help switch your customers to new technology

✔️ Utilise our game changing tool to audit your customers' legacy statuses, and find available alternatives in their area

✔️ Switch customers to better technology, before you fall behind competitors

✔️ View the Switch Off as an opportunity, and earn an additional revenue stream! Become a Partner 0330 400 4245


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