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Wondering what’s going on with energy at the moment?

The wholesale energy market has seen unprecedented price increases in recent weeks, with customers not in a contract exposed to the soaring energy prices the UK is facing in the winter months.

Our approach:

Even before this rise in prices, our strategy has always been to procure in advance of the contract end date, in what was already a rising market. A massive surge in price increases such as the one experienced recently, highlights further how advantageous this strategy is.

By offering fully fixed contracts only, customers brokered through Blizzard are locked into deals that will see them through the crisis. This approach means that our partners customers are protected from climbing rates, but also their commission revenue has been consolidated.

The current wholesale energy market:

An opportunity:

Customers are challenged with sourcing contracts in a skyrocketing market and as a result need help managing their contracts now, more than ever. This is a great opportunity to offer your customers budget certainty and a procurement strategy, as well as increasing your revenue stream and consolidating your customers.

An example of a current ‘out of a contract’ rate: As it stands today, British Gas out of contract prices are over 40p/kWh. Unprecedented increases have resulted in out of contract rates being increased by over 100%, thus doubling expenditure almost overnight for customers currently not in a contract. It is now vital for businesses to arrange a contract, and have a procurement strategy in place.

What’s next? Send us a copy of the customers’ bills, complete our contract request form, or have them sign a letter of authority.

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